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AIX 7.2 on POWER8 Systems

The IBM PureApp

As Linux systems reside on Intel CPUs the IBM Version has a different base: POWER CPUs. The current one is POWER8, but the way to POWER9 is already defined. This wiki will talk about AIX 7.2 in various Tech-Levels and Patch Levels.

If you issue a

$ oslevel -s

you will get something like 7.2.x.y

7.2 will present the AIX general version number,

x will present the TECH Level, and

y will present the PATCH Level.

POWER8 on IBM PureApplication

A very special container for virtual AIX machines is named PureApp. The application presents storage, CPUs, switches and power to a large set of installable VMs. As AIX is already very scalable this platform is able to extend the scalability functions every AIX machine deployed. CPU and storage can be added on-the-fly. A whole set of VMs are available, every VM fequipped with a large number of IBM software packages. Even complex infrastructure with a large number of different services can be deployed within hours. If you have two of these machines available you normally forget about downtime.

A typical set of VM may be this:

  • 3 DB2 Servers (combined in a HADR cluster with roles PRIMARY, PRICIPAL_STANDBY and AUXILIARY_STANDBY)
  • 2 Web Servers (to take the HTTP load from 250 users or more)
  • 3 Application Servers (1 Deployment Manager and 2 AppServers for complex Applications that need load balancing)


The future might lead away from AIX, since IBM and RedHat decided to go together. With RedHat, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker and other DevOps-related product the sky might be the limit for cloud-based machines like the PureApp (and maybe others).