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Python - this sounds like a crossover from Java to Python...


And that is awfully true. Jython language is used in WebSphere to automate revolving tasks.


The WebSphere script interface (wsadmin) can be fed with Jython and Jacl (the Java implementation of TCL). As Python (and therefor Jython) takes in important role on PureApp machines the recommended wsadmin script language (from my point of view) should be Jython.


There is a large library available to help and support tasks which should be automated: wsadminlib.py. It was developed on IBMDeveloperWorks to support small and effective wsadmin scripts and is available for free on Github. It is a python file containing hundreds of methods to help simplify configuring the IBM WebSphere Application Server product using scripting. IBM has made wsadminlib available to copy, fork, and make your own enhancements!