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Welcome to the Practical IT Wiki

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This Wiki is implemented to provide hands-on information when troubleshooting in a Unix (especially AIX 7.2) based environment.

It will provide Information about issues in:

  • WebSphere ND (maintenance via DMGR and wsadmin)
  • DB2 LUW (incl. HADR and Encryption)
  • AIX (Tips and hints {not Hinz ;} about useful commands)
  • Hardening (TLS, ssh, etc.)
  • LifeFactory application provided by msg-systems (only general information excluding any customer specific data or mentions)
  • Scripting in bash, ksh, python, jython, SQL, DDL, java


DB2(5 P)
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Brief CV Information

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The WiKi is based an several years of experience in a real environment during my profession as IBM application consultant. The early days of my IT career started on a CP/M device called Memotech 500 after playing around on a Sinclair ZX81 in the eighties. After creating a chronicle with the MX500 during my service in the army I took the chance to dive deeper into this still interesting world of bits and bytes. I passed a qualification as IT Specialist-Databases at Control Data Institute in Hamburg. From now on I was mainframe-addicted. And this lasted until 2012 in different environments and companies. Never I experienced be obliged to select a certain area, there. Decisions between application development, testing, system administration, data communication, data base management and many other interesting matters - I never had the pain to decide where to go. The only goal was to become an allrounder. Several ways and fashions led to a dead-end or at least fade-out.

The times they are a'changing....
DeadEnd FadeOut honorable mentions still kinda hot still alive and well
4GL Languages (like Focus) IMS/DB (hierarchical Databases) REXX and CLIST to enable automation Integrated Development Platforms Application Servers and DB2 LUW
Token Ring Networks IMS DC on 24 x 80 terminals zOS / MVS on dumb terminals Linux on Mainframe and Friends Unix Derivates inc. Linux and AIX
VTAM PU2.1 and LU6.2. CICS and the way it stores data PL/I (although there might be some code...) a lot of COBOL code still around Maintenance Automation


Current users want straight-through processing with minimum effort. Computer input on mobile devices (even from remote) should lead to immediate production of documents to be signed where the user is meeting his clients. This is at least the expectation a modern application is to deliver. With java coding, framework dependencies, webservice communication, load balancing, high availability, security compliance and devops in mind this will soon grow in complexity and maintenance efforts.

Thus: Wherever possible: Automate! Automation is not an option, it is essential to succeed in a fast-growing IT. Have fun to take part.


As several matters are covered by either German law or held confidential by their owners there will be quite a number of themes which will not be presented in this wiki. Several product and company names (especially customers) will also be out off bounds. Any contribution leaking confidential information is due to deletion by the sysop. Contributors are held responsible for their own content. As this wiki is kept private, anonymous users are not allowed to edit pages. Registered users will get edit permissions. A captcha is installed to protect spam flooding. Please keep the wiki clean, folks,

thank you,

Vielen Dank,