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Phiole on Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB

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Phiole is acting as a filtering DNS in my local network. Like many other users of this famous product I maintain a large number of Adlists providing 8.6 million blocked domains.

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These blocklist are mainly provided by the Youtube Team sempervideo.

Adlist source is https://github.com/RPiList/specials


blacklists used can be viewed on https://github.com/RPiList/specials/tree/master/Blocklisten

Special Thanks to the Team at sempervideo and RPiList for the phantastic documentation and ongoing support.

You are great. Everything between "nur ganz kurz" and "Okay" is valuable and deserves to be read.

These adlists are updated on a weekly basis and merged into the gravityDB on raspberry pihole installation. You can find useful scripts, here.

Just my two pennies


In order to add new entries www.hinznet.de provides a personal adjust that can be downloaded, here.

My personal Blocklist: hinznetblocklist.txt

The list is currently very small but will be maintained on a regular basis.

Another development is pimaint

This set of scripts will maintain the pihole gravity and besides collect data about the local network it is residing. This will include:

  • a daemon process running regular checks
  • automated calls to catch the current blocklist from RPIList (see above)
  • automated calls to catch the whitelist from same source
  • automated upgrades of the pihole gravity
  • persistent inquiry of the LAN router about current clients in the LAN
  • persistant analysis about those clients via nmap and arp-scan
  • comparison against pihole local DNS list

This is currently in alpha test phase and might be available for download, soon.